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Chabad of UNLV

About Us

In the late summer of 2005 winds Rabbi Tzvi and his wife Rivky arrived in Las Vegas to nurture and care for the Campus Jewish community.
Rivky was born in Los Angeles, California Following high school, she attended seminary in the holy city of Yerushlayim in Israel, and Brooklyn NY; thereafter, she was program director for Jewish High School in Los Angeles, California., Rivky sustains and holds together everything that happens at the Chabad at UNLV.

Tzvi was born in New York City and grew up in Crown Heights.,. By the time he obtained his rabbinical ordination in 2004 from the Chief Rabbi of Nachalat Har Chabad Tzvi had studied at yeshivas in, Israel, Chicago and Brooklyn.

Together with the students at UNLV they have created the vibrant beautiful campus community that is Jewish life today on Campus.

We are grateful to the support and friendship of the Alevy Family foundation more information about their philanthropy can be found here: